CALPM Services

We manage many different types of Real Estate in the State of Texas
Single Family homes, Townhouses, Apartments, Duplexes,
office buildings and small retail strips

Dallas / Ft. Worth
and all the surrounding cities are our primary region
We offer competitive flexible property management rates. Fees depend on the number of properties you have, location, condition and your professional goals. The aggressive approach we take on marketing target quality tenants is hands on and face to face in most situations.  Every effort we make is targeted at saving you money and getting you the highest possible net income for your rental portfolio while maintaining the integrity of your property.

One of the most important aspects of this business is keeping track of all the internal transactions on each property, each tenant or vendor.  Our state of the art software system will allow any owner a dedicated portal into their account at any time.  As an owner or partner you will have secure access to your accounting records anytime online.

Property Conditions
We’re capable of full rehabilitation to simple make readies on any type property.  We use trusted contractors with many years of experience.  We schedule them according to the personal and professional skill set of the vendor and matching them with the specific needs of the property.  CAL PM is adept at managing complex renovation projects and retains the highest quality vendors to ensure reliability, predictability and turnkey results delivered on time and on budget. We price the repairs at the lowest possible price – as we negotiate with our vendors regularly – and pass the cost directly to the owner plus a 10% supervision fee.

Property or Deal Evaluations
With over two decades of experience in analyzing over 10,000 properties and deals, we’re acute to the local market trends, values and the simple mechanics of any transactions no matter how complex the deal is.  CAL Ventures, Inc. specializes in finding the right real estate investment from signal family housing to multi-owner/client development projects.

Daily, we market our products for sale or for rent. Not only do we use grassroots approach in each neighborhood door to door of the neighboring subject property we meet the neighbors. We get to know our neighbors and can they can offer huge support as our advocate of good tenancy. We also market your property online and to our current network of tenants.

  1. MLS
  2. Craigslist
  3. FaceBook
  4. RentMax
  8. Twitter

Tenant Screening
  1. Criminal background checks including sex crimes
  2. Employment verifications
  3. Verify Driver License and Social Security Documentation
  4. Previous rental history
  5. Face to face interview